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Servo Voltage Stablizers are manufactured upto 8000 KVA. Purpose of installing voltage stabilizer is to get constant voltage from a fluctuating AC input supply. It can be installed either for your entire factory load or for selected feeders.
Electroplating Rectifier converts AC into DC supply. It is used in Electroplating, Anodising, Hydrogenation and other Electro Chemical Processes. These are manufactured from 500 Amps to 25000 Amps at different output DC voltages as per requirement.
Ultra isolation Transformers are effective for isolating sensitive equipments from Live Voltage transients, Spikes and DC leakage etc. They are specially designed for sensitive critical equipments like Medical Instrumentation, CNC Machines etc.
Distribution tranformers are manufactured from 63 KVA to 5000 KVA in 11 and 33 KV voltage class. All transformers undergo rigorous quality control checks and are routine tested as per IS in our fully equipped laboratory. Any specific test required can also be arranged.
TRANS POWER SYSTEMS is a group of engineers led by Mr. Job Varghese who has two decades of experience in the field of Servo Voltage Stabilizers, Automatic Voltage Controllers, Electroplating Rectifiers, Chemical Process Rectifiers, Electro Colouring Transformers, Ultra Isolation Transformers, AC/ DC Variable power supplies, Distribution Transformers and Special Purpose Transformers.
TRANS POWER SYSTEMS was originally founded in 2004 for the marketing co-ordination of various products manufactured by M/s Power Engineers & Consultants (Regd.), Ludhiana in southern and south west regions of India. Later its operation was extended to Middle East and neighbouring countries.
Our mission is to create a base of loyal clients who are completely satisfied with the products we provide them and are happy to be served by us. Our guiding principle for the future is our ability to listen, to recognize possibilities, to think constructively and to work for its realization. Our ideas are diverse but our aim is focused. We are convinced we will stand the keen scrutiny of our clients and excel in their expectation.
From its inception we were able to gain and maintain a group of customers by providing excellent quality products backed by prompt after sales service. This has been possible because of our local experts who are specialized to analyze the need of our customers. Our slogan has been Always at your service attitude while dealing with our customers. We realize the value of trust entrusted on us by our esteemed customers and ensure their expectations are surpassed always.
Electro Colouring Transformer delivers AC Variable voltage for Aluminium Colour Anodizing Process.
Rectifier Transformers are manufactured as per the specified demands of the customers for various applications.
voltage regulator
Voltage Regulating Transformers are used where Variable AC Voltage supply is required such as testing of electrical equipments.
AC or DC Variable Voltage Power Supplies are manufactured for the testing of electrical equipments such as motors, Transformers etc.
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